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To enable people to distinguish their entries when they land at the loft finish line. This will enhance the racing where people (non pigeon owners) will be able to follow their selected pigeon/s easily.

The Races will be sprint races aimed at a race time of around 5 mins from time of release to finish, therefore around 5 klms. Further Distances will be considered in the near future.

The Total number of Thoroughbred Racing Pigeons in the loft will start at 40 as a minimum and increase as time progresses. 


This brings the event in line with Horse and Dog racing and makes the field more competitive.

The pigeons are owned by the APC, but during the racing any person can race the pigeons under the terms and conditions of the race as agreement for the duration of that division, race and nominated entry fee. Once the race or event is finished the Pigeons ownership reverts to APC.

Yes, colour doesn't affect the ability of the pigeon to race, many races have been won around the world by a variety of colours.

No, in the TAPC website races there are no odds betting or Tote Betting conducted in these races. Tote Betting races will be conducted under appropriate Licencing and will be separate to the Prize Money paid out on the TAPC website.

The Lofts will house approx. 200 pigeons and the pigeons will be drawn from a barrel (Bingo style barrel) to select the participants for each race. The Pigeons are equipped with individual RFID chip rings and these are recorded in a specialised Electronic Timing system called a TiPes System that has been designed for pigeon racing. The pigeons are timed in down to 100th of a second.

Yes, this will be an option in the future allowing ownership of pigeons and stable fees will be charged.

This is to allow for many people to be able to be involved and participate rather than just 20 people.

Races can be conducted on a daily basis, every day of the year, but we anticipate that 200 pigeons will be in the stable and this will mean that each pigeon will get a start in every ten days.

No, anybody can participate by paying the entry fee for the selected pigeon in any event or race.

Yes, many pigeons were Awarded the Dickens Medal for Bravery during the World Wars, these pigeons are Hero's.

1. Cher Ami - In 1918, during the First World War, a French military pigeon called Cher Ami was the first to be publicly honoured for its war effort.

2. Winkie - Winkie is said to be the first carrier pigeon to receive the Dickin Medal for his life saving efforts during the Second World War.

3. Kenley Lass - Kenley Lass received the medal in 1945 for her wartime efforts. 

4. Mary - Mary also received the Dickin Medal of Honour.

She endured five years of wartime service, flying dangerous missions to deliver vital messages.

Amazingly, she survived being wounded a total of twenty-two times!

5. GI Joe - In Italy, 1943, during the Second World War.

** NOTE** Thirty-two of these Signal Corps warrior pigeons have received the Dickin Medal for Bravery. 


According to the Guiness Book of Records, the Highest speeds In level flight in windless conditions it is very doubtful if any pigeon can exceed 96km/h 60mph. The highest race speed recorded is one of 2952 metres per minute (3229 yards per min) or (177.14km/h 110.07mph) in the East Anglian Federation race from East Croydon, Surrey on 8 May 1965 when the 1428 birds were backed by a powerful south-south-west wind. The winner was owned by A. Vigeon & Son, Wickford, Essex.

The Most Expensive Pigeon ever sold was in China, (Ring Number - 2018 B003791) sold for EUR €2.7M. (USD $3.06M / GBP £2.25M / AUD $4.26M)

The Most Expensive pigeon sold at Auction is New Kim (Belgium), a two-year-old racing pigeon which sold for a reported EUR €1.6M (USD $1.81M / GBP £1.33M AUD $2.52M) at the PIPA Pigeon Center, on 15 November 2020.

Individual Pigeons have also brought Record Sale Prices in the past years.
Name  - Price Euro
1. Armondo €1,252,000
2. New Blisken € 376,000
3. Golden Prince € 360,000
4. Bolt € 310,000
5. Safier Kweekkoppel € 270,000
6. Lloyd € 254,000
7. Dolce Vita € 250,400
8. Nikolaas € 244,000
9. Nieewe Olympiade € 210,000
10. Contador € 200,000


Anyone from around the world can pay via our online payment system to enter various pigeons in various races.

Yes, if you only wish to enter 1 pigeon in the $1 entry fee section that option is available.

Yes. There is a button which will allow for fast selection of entry fees for a particular pigeon, this will allow for quick selection and enabling fast check out so you don't miss out on your selected entry fees.

Yes, you can mix and match what fees you pay and which pigeons you enter. You don't have to select just one pigeon you can enjoy racing in different denominations on different pigeons if you wish.

First and foremost, you must register on the site. Once you have registered you will be ableto participate in the races.

As soon as the race is activated. As soon as the race entry has been drawn then the details of the pigeons competing will be loaded and the race will be activated ready for people to select their entries in the coming race/s.

The only fees applicable to any Winnings will be Bank Transfer fees (if charged by the Bank) e.g. Some International Transfers charge $10 to $25 per Transfer, these fees are not kept by TAPC but are paid at the time of the Transfer.

When you register and use the check out, you need to have a STRIPE Account set-up to recieve your winnings.

Results will be posted immediately after each event. Alerts will be posted as soon as practicable.

We are located in Kalbar, QLD, 4309, the area is rural and the weather is beautiful almost all year round.

Means the someone has already paid the entry fee and has entered the pigeon, this entry fee option is no longer available for that denomination.

Means the Entry Fee is available for payment.

Means the Entry Fee is selected but not yet paid for.

There will be cameras setup to show the release/start of the race and other cameras (different angles) operating at the loft to show the Finish of the race. These will be available online in a live stream format.

In the unlikely event of a draw the 1st and 2nd place will be split between the 2 pigeons. The Pigeons are timed using an Electronic Timing System (RFID Ring), the system calculates to the 100 of a second, thus it is anticipated that there will always be a decisive winner and every pigeon will be recorded crossing the finish line in the order they step through the scanning pads. 

Yes, just like in horse racing some pigeons will excel in different conditions, a form guide will be available online to help people select their entries.

At the moment there could be 10 races in each Division numbered 1 to 10.

Yes, to participate in the races you must register and set-up your login details. Only then will you be able to access the races.

Yes, you must create your login and become a member if you wish to participate in any of our racing events.

Yes, we are open to members from any country.

Yes, nowhere else in the world has this type of Online Platform been used, this is an easy Online Platform which has been developed to promote the sport of pigeon racing and pigeon keeping.

Yes, The Queen of England hs the Royal Lofts which still compete today, Iron Mike Tyson, George Foreman, Walt Disney, Nikola Tesla, Pablo Picasso, Charles Darwin, Lee Marvin